musicology #346

AlternativeSoundtrack4 #13

(Howlin’ Wolf – Down In The Bottom)

Today’s dialogue is from the scene where ‘the kid’ hustles in the ‘wrong kind of place’ disregarding Bert’s ominous warning. If you’ve seen the film you may remember it as the bit where he comes unstuck. For me this is where the film really begins to deal with the human condition in post modern society.

The music is courtesy of one of the greatest Rhythm & Blues practitioners to have ever graced the Earth, stage and studio the inimitable Chester Burnett otherwise known as ‘Howlin’ Wolf’ with a 1961 cut released on the Chess Label. Also featuring Hubert Sumlin on guitar, Willie Dixon, (Producer and Songwriter), on bass, Memphis Slim?, piano and Sam ‘Shuffle Master’ Lay on drums…Rhythm and Blues at it’s finest.


2 thoughts on “musicology #346

  1. comes unstuck he most certainly does…watching it (and again listening to that scene) yr begging him to leave as its obvious that his ‘flash’ behaviour is upsetting the little gang in the pool hall, and its going to end in tears!…….if only he’d have donned them ‘runnin shoes’..and what a fantastic track by Howlin Wolf!, the guitar player was awsome.


    1. the gang in the poolhall are the young player’s ‘backers’ it’s them that win and lose the money…although this scene is painful It’s a fantastic piece of acting by Paul Newman from the first word to the last. Especially the bit where he ‘cops the needle’ and answers

      “I Don’t rattle kid…and just for that I’m gonna beat ya flat” ….. Quality.


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