musicology #345

AlternativeSoundtrack4 #12

(Tito Puente – Dance Of The Headhunters)

On today’s piece of dialogue we hear the return of George C Scott, (Bert the Headhunter). Having stormed out of Sarah’s apartment Eddie finds and sits down at a poker table where he loses 20 bucks, he leaves and happens apoun ‘Bert’ in a local bar. The ‘Headhunter’ buys him a drink and proceeds to tell him in no uncertain terms where he went wrong the other night and offers Eddie a chance to take another shot at Minnesota Fats…. But this time with him as the backer. Eddie refuses due to Bert’s percentage demand and gets an ominous warning to be careful where he tries the Hustle…

The music is courtesy of Ernesto Antonio, ‘Tito’ Puente, Jr aka ‘El Ray’, (The King), prolific Latin Jazz/Mambo percussionist and extraordinary Timbales player who is credited with bringing the music of South America into the ‘mainstream’. This one is taken from his 1960 album Tamba and also features, (among others), Ray Barretto.


3 thoughts on “musicology #345

  1. Bert the Headhunter. “75%”

    Fast Eddie. “for who?”

    Bert the Headhunter. “for me”.

    Fast Eddie. “that’s a pretty big slice. Who d’ya think you are… General Motors”…… Love it!


  2. the dialogue between Eddie and Bert is a fair crackles, as I said in an earlier post George C Scott’s performance was riviting for me..and another perfect piece of music for their snappy slightly menacing interchange.


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