musicology #343

AlternativeSoundtrack4 #10

(Otis Spann – The Hard Way)

On today’s slice of dialogue we hear the return of Eddie’s former partner Charlie who has tracked him down and wants to go back on the road hustling. Eddie doesn’t want to know and the truth comes out that he is planning on taking Minnesota Fats on again. Sarah is silent throughout the dialogue between them but sees a new, (to her at least), ruthless side to Eddie that hits her hard and during the conversation Eddie spits Charlie out showing a heart as cold as Ice which leads her to the painful conclusion that the ‘good times’ are over…

The musicology is courtesy of legendary Blues pianist and long time Muddy Waters cohort Otis Spann with a cut taken from a 1960 session featuring Robert Lockwood Jr on guitar and St Louis Jimmy on vocal duties.

One thought on “musicology #343

  1. this scene is the first time in the film I found myself
    disliking our man…up till now he had been so cool and his ‘spirit’ so infectious that I was on his side, here the film shows how well Paul Newman acts, cos he’s just plain mean to both Charlie and Sarah!
    The Otis Span piece is just awsome…..his piano playing knocked me out!


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