musicology #337

AlternativeSoundtrack4 #4

(Jimmy Smith Trio – Jimmy’s Blues)

Fats has taken up the challenge from the young pretender and the battle hots up..first Fats on top and then for a while Eddie hits a winning streak which sees him reach his inital target of “Ten grand in one night” but rather than call it a night the kid fancies that “this table is mine” and in his naivite he gives his opponent the opportunity to carry on playing “Until Minnesota Fats says it’s over”.

I say naivite but in my experience ‘etiquette’ can and does play it’s part in ‘the game’ and offering the loser the chance to win his money back is, (or was in the games I played), accepted as an unwritten rule. Unless of course the Hustle is your business and then there are no unwritten rules.

During the contest George C. Scott enters the fray as Minnesota’s backer and we hear him ‘pipe up’ for the first time after watching Eddie and Fats going toe to toe for  hours but as we, (and Eddie) are soon to find out “the Race is not for the swift but for who can endure it”

The music is yet another slice of the 1961 pie but today it’s courtesy of Hammond Organ supremo ‘The Incredible’ Jimmy Smith and Trio freaturing Quentin Warren on guitar and Donald Bailey on drums…borrowed from a Blue Note session called ‘Straight Life’, (recorded by Rudy Van Gelder).


10 thoughts on “musicology #337

  1. lovely piece of jazz esp organ playing and the way the trumpet slowly comes to the fore.
    For me jazz usually needs plenty of attention and patience to be appriciated otherwise half of what is going on is completely lost and the tune can also sound a bit muddled …. a metaphor for life maybe ha ha


  2. Great mix… sound track of The Hustler interwoven with the music of the “modernist” idol Jimmy Smith…. You must have been around at the time (1961).

    PS. I struggled with my musical sensibility equating The Incredible Jimmy Smith with Modernist…. I must be going a bit soft!!!


    1. 1961…not quite I wasn’t even a twinkle in the eye !! but I know a ‘modernist’, (and a few original Mods who were). To elucidate, when I say ‘modernist’ what I mean is the diverse collection of individuals/stylists from the late 50’s and very early 60’s who preceeded ‘mod’. The cats who watched French Films and listened to ‘modern’ Jazz such as laid down by, (among others), the likes of Jimmy Smith, Miles Davis and my favourite The ‘Trane who along with blowing his horn blows my mind.

      musically Soul was in it’s infancy in 1960/1961 and Rhythm & Blues although well established was ‘shifting gears’. Mods on the other hand, (those born between 1946 and 1949), would have been a bit young to be ‘hip’ to the ‘Jive’. That’s my opinion anyway.


  3. Ah, the philosophers stone…

    Mod?Modernist? Who? Why? Where? When?.

    I could bore you and all visitors to this site for hours and hours on the Mod/Modernist phenomenon but I won’t (not only would it bore you it would leave me open to attack from a few modernist “hard-liners” and I have neither the time or energy to get into that one). But, and thanks to the provident choice of music here, perhaps Jimmy Smith provides a small but, in my opinion, insightful musical analogy….. The Modernists were into Jimmy Smith a la Blue Note and were aghast at his metamorphosis into The Incredible Jimmy Smith a la Verve. So much so that the mans music was unceremoniously dumped…. The Mods picked The Incredible Jimmy Smith up… and never looked backed!!!


  4. Can’t apologise enough for posting a strange hybrid consisting of Jimmy Smith’s ‘Jimmy’s Blues’ on top of a cut by Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers !!!!!

    dealt with it and reloaded #337 minus the confusion..



  5. That cleared that then…. I was sooo confused I had to dig out and play the only bit of Jimmy Smith I own (on Verve naturally). And guess what, I couldn’t “put it down”….. Incredible!!

    Supa8. If you want to hear Jimmy Smith at his “Incredible” best…. check out The Cat.


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