musicology #335

AlternativeSoundtrack4 #2

(Ray Charles – A Bit Of Soul)

So…after rinsing some ‘Joes’ for a few bucks it’s time for Fast Eddie Felson to step up to the plate..The Cathedral known as Ames’s Pool Room. But before the action starts allow me to fill you in with a little bit of information relating to the Film:

Directed by Robert Rossen, (who also co-wrote the screenplay), the story was adapted from a 1959 novel of the same name written by Walter Tevis. I always interperated it is as a tale of character and morality rather than a film about pool and hustling. All the, (major), players in the film are displayed in terms of their moral fibre so it was of interest when I discovered that the director Robert Rossen ‘betrayed’ people a few years after being blacklisted as a result of the scandalous HUAC Hollywood witch hunt of the late 40’s and early 50’s when Cold War, Anti Communist ideology was beginning to be strategically placed into society. Rossen was actually a member of the Communist party during his early years and a Socialist too, (which are far from being the same), but it was the ‘Politics Of Fear’ laced with ‘Game Theory’ rules played out by Government propoganda that was the real issue.

Anyway to have named names and ‘grassed’ Cats up because of not being able to work in the film industry must have been a bitter pill to swallow for an idealist, (Socialism being an ideal after all), who had grown up in New York’s tough lower East Side in the early part of the 20th Century. ‘Grassing’ for many years was considered as low as you could go, even lower than ‘dipping’ which is saying something. Rossen originally claimed the 5th ammendment and refused to co-operate but could’nt hold out and eventually in 1953 named over 50 as Communists. In his own words

“I don’t think, after two years of thinking, that any one individual can indulge himself in the luxury of personal morality or pit it against what I feel today very strongly is the security and safety of this nation.”

So there it is in his own words…’Morality’ one of the human essences we use to justify our actions. John F Kennedy was quoted to have said, (around the time in question),

“A man does what he must regardless of personal consequences and that is the essence of all human morality”

I’m making absolutely no judgement on Robert Rossen but I’m imagining he did on himself and I believe the Hustler was an attempt to make some sense out of questions of morality and character. It’s not a film about winning and losing for me it’s more about the price paid.

Today’s piece of musicology is courtesy of a Cat who needs no introduction…none other than the great Ray Charles Robinson with a 1961 instrumental slice on the Atlantic Label.


9 thoughts on “musicology #335

  1. A question. By “dipping” do you mean the dubious art of picking pockets?

    If so, I cannot accept that “dipping” and “grassing” are in the same league let alone the same breath.

    While not condoning it, fact is the one – dipping – has existed since time immemorial; had its place in criminal society; occasionally put food on very needy tables and required sharp eyes, a steady hand and plenty of “bottle”.

    The other – grassing – has or had no place in society, criminal or otherwise; took food from tables and has only existed since “Bertie Smalls”… chuckle, chuckle.


    1. Yep…pickpocketing. I didnt compare them what I said was that on ‘the street’ picking pockets was at the lowest end of the scale…’bubbling’ someone was rightly considered even lower…the lowest in fact. Dipping can only be as old as pockets? and it depends on which criminal society..also ‘low’ is not a judgement..just an observation. Unfortunately ‘grassing’ is common these days and crime is not a society anymore…the 20th Century put paid to that


  2. inspired slice of music for the a.s.t…I’m already
    looking forward to Minnissota Fats arrival, and Ray Charles sets the scene perfectly!


  3. Yes, ‘the street’. But which street? That’s the point I’m jovially making. Robert Rossen’s New York or Bertie Small’s London?
    Does “grassing” mean the same on The Lower East Side as is does at The Elephant & Castle? Does “dipping” translate into New York slang?

    I don’t think so!

    What I’m getting at is this… your vernacular may not be understood by everybody visiting this blog. Okay?

    P.S. “dipping can only be as old as pockets”…… smart arse. hahahahaha


    1. The ‘mean streets’
      I know what you mean about the vernacular, (great word), In context, (the ‘post’ itself), I’m hoping it makes sense.
      ‘old as pockets’….you know that certainly makes sense !!


  4. It certainly makes sense to me… but then, having grown up on London’s “mean streets” such LOCAL colloquialisms would wouldn’t they. But do they make (context) sense to a global audience?

    Anyway, thats enough on vernacular speech theory… hehehe!!

    The Hustler. 1961. Nice…. Keep the music and dialogue flowing. Keep it coming.


  5. Pool Hall manager. “want some free advice”

    Fast Eddie. “how much will it cost me”

    Love it… Top stuff…. killer line!!


    1. yep top stuff indeed..although it was a pool room ‘shark’ rather than the hall’s manager, (Big John), who offered the advice.


  6. ‘shark’ or ‘manager’…. what a lovely opener to a classic riposte!
    In “real” life Paul Newman was known as a master of the one-liner. Once, on asked why he’d avoided going to Hollywood for so long he shot back this…..
    “It’s too near the cake”….. spot on!!


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