musicology #328

DownbeatTheRuler #8

(Horace Andy – Found Somebody Of My Own)

Today on the Downbeat Tribute it’s the turn of Horace Hinds, (cousin of Justin) A.K.A Horace Andy renamed by Sir Coxsone in time for his seminal 1970 set ‘Skylarking’, (one of the first Studio 1 LP’s that themusicologist had the pleasure of owning). Introduced by the inimitable ‘Dread At The Controls’…Mikey Dread from a radio program showcasing Studio 1. Could have been one from any number of Horace’s recordings but didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to pay a second tribute on themusicologist to Mikey Dread who is no longer with us. Not only that but it’s one that is lesser known although, for me, just as good as many of his classics. Taken from one of the mighty Dread’s Rockers In The Morning sets.

Mikey and Horace…come in and let the people know what you’re talking about.


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