musicology #327

DownbeatTheRuler #7

(Charlie Organaire – Rude Boy Charlie)

Day 7 of the Downbeat selection is a roasting piece of Ska featuring Harmonica player, producer and original member of Bobby Aitken’s Rocksteady pioneers The Caribbeats, Charles Cameron. Anytime you hear a harmonica played on a slice of Jamaican music, (especially Ska and Rocksteady), more than likely it’s the ‘Organaire’ blowing on sessions for the likes of Coxsone, (of course), Prince Buster, Duke Reid and King Edwards as well as many others.

This cut is also likely to feature the musical talents of Lloyd Brevett on Bass, Lloyd Knibb on Drums, Jah Jerry Haynes, on Guitar and Jackie Mittoo on piano the musical backbone apoun which the Studio 1 sound and success was built.


3 thoughts on “musicology #327

  1. But what would our dear Charlie have to say about the like of todays Jamaican entertainers, and yes I’m talking about vybes(z) Kartel and the Ramping shop


    1. Obviously I can’t speak for the Organaire, (or anyone), so speaking for myself I place music into a social context and nowhere is that more apparent than with Jamaican music which has always commented on the situation that the people of the Ghetto find themselves living in.

      The current situation has been created by external forces that goes way back in history but most recently and importantly by American Government and Business fear of Jamaica turning to Socialism in the early 70’s. This has been well documented in many books and articles without needing to lay it out here but put simply Jamaica was destabilized by external forces and has never recovered. Returning to Vybez and the like I would rather hear what you have to say on them?

      Finally, there are MANY Jamaican entertainers who record and promote positive messages. In fact as far as I’m concerned Jamaica’s entertainers have always done and continue to preach positivity in the face of numerous attempts to put them under the microscope. I could list far more entertainers/preachers who sing and talk ‘Upright’ than those who don’t…

      thanks for taking the time to engage. I look forward to continuing the dialogue.


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