musicology #326

DownbeatTheRuler #6

(Dave Barker – Johnny Dollar)

Today’s page of the Downbeat story is a 45 from an artist known by the name of Dave Barker, (a nom de plume courtesy of Lee Perry), who is probably best known for his part on the well known single ‘Double Barrel’. A singer and ‘DJ’ who was among the earliest proponents of the ‘chatting’ style made popular by such luminaries as U-Roy, Dennis Alcapone, I-Roy and Dillinger. There were earlier Cats who dropped ‘chat pon the mic’ but it wasn’t until Hugh Roy stepped up that the genre came of age and flew out of the dance and into the recording studio in 1970 on Arthur ‘Duke ‘ Reid’s definining rocksteady rhythms.

This one, a 1970 cut on the English Studio 1 subsidary label Ackee, is a cover of Garnett Mimm’s earlier majestic 1964 Soul recording ‘A Quiet Place’ and finds Mr Barker, who in my opinion was a much better singer than ‘DJ’, in fine voice expressing concerns about people intruding on his quiet time.


4 thoughts on “musicology #326

  1. this song is a big favorite in our house…in my
    ‘umble’ this is as good to listen to as the Garnet
    Mimms rendition!


  2. Garnet Mimms……. wow!

    Now there’s a name that awakens warm musical memories. “A Little Bit Of Soap”… springing to mind.

    And yet the one that turns and twirls in the cobwebs of my mind is….. “Ahhahhall, Take Good Care Of You”.

    Off theme I know, but I’m sure you won’t mind.


  3. This was one of a number of 7″ singles I bought for 10 pence each in a shop in Leeds circa 1981 because they looked interesting. To this day it remains one of my very favourite records. Never heard the original but I heard the late, great Ted Hawkins do a version on a radio session years ago.


    1. Howard,
      welcome..10p !! betting there were some more scorchers in that stack of 45’s?
      Mine too..listen out for the Garnett Mimms original, (equally top ranking), I’ll lay it down as a ‘special’
      thanks for entering the dialogue.


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