musicology #325

DownbeatTheRuler #5

(Burning Spear – Creation Rebel)

Today’s cut is from one of music’s greatest ambassadors; Winston Rodney better known as Burning Spear whose message of defiance and determination has always been as clear as crystal.

The Spear was born in March 1948 and raised in St Ann’s Bay Jamaica along with Bob Marley, (and before them Marcus Garvey), who introduced him to Coxsone in 1969. Over the next few years he recorded without much success or financial reward until hooking up with Jack Ruby who produced his seminal works Marcus Garvey and Man In The Hills. The rest as they say is History.

This one, recorded sometime in the early 70’s and backed by the ‘New Establishment’ (including the ‘dub’), holds a special place in themusicologist’s heart as it was one of the pieces that helped me through my darkest hours a few years back and as a result will always hold deep meaning.

For more information on the man and his music check his personal site..and take a listen to his personal message.


3 thoughts on “musicology #325

  1. what a fabulous piece..I found it so restful to listen to..and a big thank you for the link to his personal site..I found that a truly inspiring speach from the man Himself…I urge everyone to take the time to
    listen to him, its a real pleasure.


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