musicology #320

SongsOf Protest&Freedom#6

(Otis Redding – A Change Is Gonna  Come)

final cut of the freedom&protest…and what better way to finish with one of the greatest songs sung by one of the greatest singers. Sam Cooke’s original has already featured on themusicologist but couldn’t pass up this opportunity to throw it down again.

Otis singing Sam Cooke…doesn’t get any better. Taken from the LP ‘Otis Blue’…With Issac Hayes on the Keyboards, (and production), as well as the full Stax/Volt family Donald Dunn, Steve Cropper, Al Jackson, Wayne Jackson, Andrew Love, Gene Miller and Fred Newman.


3 thoughts on “musicology #320

  1. Sublime stuff. Impossible to call which version is better…Otis or Sam Cooke. I seem to remember one of the Neville Brothers doing a pretty good version. Beat not mention Seal eh?


    1. Sean,
      The first version I really loved was Ken Parker’s 1968? cut for Striker Lee which I first heard sometime in the late 1980’s. The Sam Cooke and Otis was a bit too sophisticated for my immature ears so passed me by until I had grown, lived and learned.
      Seal? I can’t deny that he can sing.. !!!
      Thanks for the comments


  2. What a fantastic, soulful song to wind up the SongsOfProtest&Freedom theme….. perfect!

    A song which really did get through to make a difference….. nice!!

    If music be the food of love (and protest), play on.


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