musicology #318

SongsOf Protest&Freedom#4

(Fela Kuti – Colonial Mentality)

Utilising the universal language to communicate protest is not as easy as it sounds as there are many forces at work that try to silence the minstrel from speaking the truth and for themusicologist no one signifies this more than musicologist and freedom fighter supreme..Fela Anikulapo Kuti who was a constant thorn in the Nigerian, (and other African ‘state’), Government’s side.

Third time featured on themusicologist for a Cat who certainly walked it like he talked it. Fortunately someone out there has translated and transcribed the lyrics for this 1977, (borrowed from the LP Sorrow, Tears & Blood), cut otherwise It would be hard for many of us to follow, (although not to understand), and for that I am extremely grateful.



One thought on “musicology #318

  1. a very powerful piece of almost
    insists you listen to it..thank you for including
    the link to the lyrics, that delivered his message
    loud and clear!!


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