musicology #316


(Max Romeo – Blowing In The Wind)

Generally speaking protest&freedom springs from the well of first hand experience concerning the trials and tribulations in question. Although, I hasten to add, not always as there is also a concept known as empathy whereby others can feel/appreciate the anguish and frustrations? I’ll be honest with you up until a few months ago this was a concept that I couldn’t accept but then it was explained to me in language I understood and subsequently I felt it.

Today’s cut is, for me, an example of this. A tune that many people know, (or at least have heard), that concerns a human’s right to freedom. The human beings in question are still judged in many ways by the colour of their skin and not the love in their hearts. It might not be as blatant these days but as with all discrimination it is rife. The point I am making here is that Bob Dylan, (the songwriter and original singer of this cut), was empathising.

It wasn’t his personal experience but still he ‘felt’ it and wanted to do what he could to highlight and make comment on the situation. Sam Cooke loved it and was almost upset that it wasn’t written by him.Accordingly ‘The Lion’ was inspired though and wrote one of THE most passionate ‘songs of freedom’ ‘A Change Is  Going To Come’ which, if it hadn’t already been thrown down on themusicologist would most certainly have been in this theme.

This 1969 version is by Jamaica’s own Max Romeo who unfortunately is perhaps best known, (outside of Reggae circles), for the forgettable but, at least in the UK, popular early ‘Skinhead’ cut ‘Wet Dream’. He is MUCH better than that as witnessed by his output over the years.

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3 thoughts on “musicology #316

  1. from my viewpoint, although Dylan took his inspiration for this song from a spiritual about slavery, I usually take a personal view when I listen to this song .Its vague lyrics mean one can take from it whatever you want I guess?


  2. Yes, ‘n’ how many times can a man turn his head,
    Pretending he just doesn’t see?

    The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind
    The answer is blowin’ in the wind”

    cough, cough,


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