musicology #313

Live&Direct #9

(The Jam – Going Underground/Dreams Of Children/That’s Entertainment Live)

themusicologist regulars will know that along with Curtis Mayfield this Cat, Paul Weller, has exerted major influence on my thoughts, from first exposure in 1977 as a fresh faced nine year old right up to the present day. ‘Words’ have meaning as far as I’m concerned and his rank up there with the best I have ever had the pleasure of listening to and learning from.

Today’s cut is from his Jam days. A three cut selection recorded live at the Glasgow Apollo in 1982. Taken from the LP ‘Dig The New Breed’.

Watch the ride……


2 thoughts on “musicology #313

  1. allways good to hear Paul Wellers powerful
    social comentary put to music..I thought I would
    enjoy Going Underground best in this triolgy as
    its a favorite of mine, but I thought
    Thats Entertainment was brilliant on this live performance..


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