musicology #312

Live&Direct #8

(Prince Buster – Move Over ‘Live’)

Time for a slice of the Rocksteady pie from legendary Jamaican musicologist Cecil Bustamente Campbell a.ka Prince Buster a nickname gained from his days alongside Lee Perry, (among others), as Coxsone’s ‘Security’ in the early days of the fierce rivalries between the various Sound Systems . ‘Prince’ Buster was known in and around Kingston for his boxing skills and fearlessness when confronted with opposing promoters ‘Dance Crashers’ whose sole purpose was to disrupt and close down the dance but it was with the ground breaking 1960 recording ‘Oh Carolina’ featuring Count Ossie and the Mystic Revelation that his music career began to take shape.

Recorded live in London at either the Marquee or Brixton’s Ram Jam in 1967. Taken from the ‘Live On Tour’ Set..


2 thoughts on “musicology #312

  1. another GEM…the backing group and the
    band make this track tighter than tight..soooooooooo enjoying this Live&Direct


  2. I cant get enough of this track!!…its constantly playing in my head…whata gem! the pick of an exellent theme for me, it acts like a tonic every time I play it, fanx!


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