musicology #303

JamaicanVocalGroupAction #14

(The Paragons – The Tide Is High)

The end of the road for this theme. hard to pick a favourite but I’m going for the Wailers – Cry To Me. Tunes like that certainly don’t grow on trees and it resides in my top twenty of all time.

Today’s final slice of the ‘action’ is perhaps better known to many for the Blondie Version from the early 80’s. Or even the most recent version by Kardinal Offishal..My daughter reminds me that, (among others), there was also a poor pop version by The Atomic Kittens but thankfully I don’t know it. Blondie’s version was ok but not a scratch on this, the original from another one of the great J.A Vocal Groups led by John Holt, (who also wrote it)

The group also featured such luminaries as Bob Andy, Tyrone Evans, (who formed the group), and Junior Menz who, following Pat Kellys departure, sung lead for the Techniques most notably on Queen Majesty, (musicology #293), completing the trio on this cut was Howard Barret. A Duke Reid ‘Treasure Isle’ classic from 1967.


One thought on “musicology #303

  1. the end of a very enjoyable set of tunes..and certainly with you on ‘cry to me’..a stunner!
    looking forward to whats coming up next..


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