musicology #302

JamaicanVocalGroupAction #13

(The Voiceroys – Love & Unity)

Today’s slice of the J.A vocal group pie is yet another from the ‘Golden Age’ of the Vocal Group, the 1960’s. In fact, thinking about it, by the mid 1980’s the group sound had almost disapeared to be replaced by the single artist and ‘DJ’. Not sure exactly why? but it would probably have something to do with economics..the least people involved, the less money would have to be paid out. Producers are generally the people who earn the lions share of the ‘reddies’ leaving the artist, (especially in Jamaica), with very little. It’s a sad state of affairs that hopefully we are seeing change as the internet could and should reverse such injustice…let’s hope so.

This one is a Coxsone Dodd, (Studio 1), production from 1967 led by Wesley Tinglin, backed up, (probably) by Linval Williams and/or Daniel Bernard..

Listen Tune..


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