musicology #296

JamaicanVocalGroupAction #7

(The Melodians – Swing & Dine)

Apologies for not posting yesterday’s Three Tops cut on the Audio Widget until this morning !! … Been grafting like a dog, especially over the last few weeks, in preparation for phase two of ‘the project’ which is almost ready for exposure. As a result themusicologist had to take a back seat. From my point of view the quality hasn’t suffered, (and never will),but the quantity is a piece erratic so hopefully youse Cats will continue to cut me some slack whilst I adjust.

Today’s piece of Vocal Group Action is a solid gold late Rock Steady, Early Reggae classic from one of the Island’s most loved trios….The Melodians, featuring the sublime talents of Tony Brevett, Brent Dowe, Trevor McNaughton? and Renford Cogle. A group known globally for their influential ‘Rivers Of Babylon’,  tune which certainly helped the music of Jamaica to gain more exposure and then acceptance outside of the few places that knew and raved about it. This slice is well known to the reggae community but maybe not so well outside of it. A 1968 Sonia Pottinger production for her Gayfeet label that, at least as far as I’m concerned, climbs and reaches the highest heights.

Listen tune……


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