musicology #294

JamaicanVocalGroupAction #5

(The Bassies – River Jordan)

Continuing this week with the JA selection. Originally it was only going to be a one week special but over the last few weeks I have been working like a Trojan to bring ‘the project’ into the next phase resulting in my not being able to dedicate as much time to themusicologist as I would have liked….(All will be revealed by the end of the week !!), Not only that but while perusing my Jamaica musical vaults it was obvious that 1 week would be nowhere near enough space for such a rich theme so it has to be extended.

On with the music…today’s slice of the Jamaican vocalist pie is one more from Coxsone Dodd’s mighty Studio 1 stable courtesy of a group known as The Bassies, featuring a young cat by the name of Fred Locks Rocking Steady as the sound was making the transition into what became known and loved the world over as Reggae.


4 thoughts on “musicology #294

    1. one of the best. for me it’s Studio 1 at the top of the tree. thanks for the comment. Ranking site you have there. can I add it to themusicologist ‘roll call’?


  1. COR……what a brilliant slice! everything I like from a reggae tune, very tight instrumentals, yet still slightly ‘homespun sound’, top vocals with
    that tantalising high pitched voice coming in every once in a while….nice start to the week.


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