musicology #293

JamaicanVocalGroupAction #4

(The Techniques – Queen Majesty)

Fourth slice of the vocalgroup and the second outing, (link below), on themusicologist for a group of Cats known collectively as The Techniques with their unique rendition of the Curtis Mayfield / Impressions 1961 cut ‘Minstrel & Queen’. Recorded for the Trojan’s, (Duke Reid), outstanding set up, Treasure Isle.

If you don’t know it and you like your music sweet and soulful then as far as I’m concerned you’re in for a treat. Lead on this one is sung by Junior Menz, (previously of the Ambassadors), with backing by Winston Riley but not Pat Kelly, (who sung lead on ‘You Don’t Care’), as he had returned to America to continue with his education…

“Queen majesty, may I speak with thee,
So much I’ve longed , I’ve longed to speak to you alone,
True I agree, I’m not of your society,
I’m not a king just a minstrel,
With my song to you I sing,
Though just a minstrel in life we’re so far apart,
But royal queen I see love in your heart, your heart
I love you too, your majesty…….hmmmmm,

Isn’t this really true,
These things I ask of you…hmmmm,
Oh,oh majesty would you really care for me,
As long as you love me,
And it wont be so hard,
As long as I see love in your heart, (your heart),
I love you too, (honest I do),
Hmmmm..(your majesty), hmmmm..(your majesty)
Ohh I love you too, (your majesty)
Hmmmm queen majesty…”


4 thoughts on “musicology #293

  1. if that isn’t sweet music I dont know what is!!
    beautiful vocals and thanks for the words, a real treat on a dark cold friday evening.


  2. Hallo again…. top bit of Ja!

    I think this has been covered before but whatever….
    Curtis was to early Reggae music what eggs are to pancakes…. essential!!!

    And I must confess, on hearing this version I dug out my Impressions original…. played it to death!!!

    On another note, here’s a little “hippy” something I came across recently.


    Well, it made me smile!!!


    1. that he was. I’m not so sure about Life being lived in the mind though strikes me as a bit Cartesian as in “I think, therefore I am. There’s also a lot to be said for the reality of the physical as in ‘sense experience’


  3. What made me smile was the “hippy” connotation… nothing else! Just think Timothy Leary and the state of his mind/head and you’ll see my meaning….. anything Descartes is of another level, another time!


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