musicology #290

JamaicanVocalGroupAction #1

(Johnny & The Attractions – Young Wings Can Fly)

New theme on themusicologist featuring some of the cream of the Island’s musicologists. The music of Jamaica has been a feature of my musical education from my earliest days thanks, especially to two of my uncles, Dell and ‘Johnny One Stop’. Like many a youngblood growing up on the streets of London through the Seventies and Eighties Jamaican music loomed large. Starting in the early Seventies with groups like the Wailers and the Heptones, (both will be featured), and evolving backwards with the inner sanctum of Rocksteady and Roots as the Seventies moved into the Eighties Reggae has always been close to my heart. I learnt a lot about life through the sounds of the Groups, Artists and Producers whose music touched my soul with their authentic cries of ‘the struggle’ for survival and freedom.

Many’s the time I have turned to and found solace in the sounds of Jamaica, from Independence Ska all the way through to ‘Computerised’. So this week is a tribute to a small selection of the Cats who have shaped my life with their ‘weeping and a wailing’

First up is one from the second half of the sixties, released in the UK on Doctor Bird during 1968. Produced by Sonia Pottingers Gayfeet team delivered in a Rock Steady style by a group called Johnny & The Attractions….doesn’t get much better than this as far as I’m concerned.


5 thoughts on “musicology #290

  1. a sweet start to the new theme, from first hearing O Carolina in the Scene club back in the 60’s reggae music has moved my soul, especially the sweet sound of Rock Steady.


    1. Welcome.
      So you are Sonia Pottingers Grandchild? Your dad must have some great stories to tell. Be nice to imagine that he has reels of unissued mastertapes !!! The Gayfeet studios produced some majestic cuts..I believe that The Pottingers were great friends with Duke Reid? Thanks for taking the time to comment always appreciated and valued.


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