musicology #284

twolegendsclash #7

(The Haitian Orchestra – Meringue D’Amour)

Day seven of the twolegends…two more uptempo cuts and then it’s downtempo until Saturday. Today’s cut features Sidney Bechet blowing Soprano, (the instrument he single handedly introduced to modern music), as well as piano legend Willie ‘ The Lion ‘ Smith keeping time, Olin Alderhold plucking bass, Leo Warney on the drums and Kenneth Roane on the trumpet. Recorded in New York on November 22nd 1939. Maybe not as technical or improvisational as many of the other Bechet recordings but, for me, one of the most infectious…I can’t get enough of this one. BIG tune down themusicologist way.


2 thoughts on “musicology #284

  1. this piece delivered some strong blows in the first day of round 2 as far as Im concerned…I loved this
    up tempo, exotic number..


  2. one of the great things about listening to these 2 oldens is that I can enjoy honning in on one instrument at various moments and follow its great sound; of each member of the band.


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