musicology #281

twolegendsclash #4

(Louis Armstrong – Weather Bird)

After deliberating ALL day on what piece of the Satchelmouth pie to serve, (and still not really coming up with a firm favourite), I’m just going to bite the bullet and lay this one down. A 1928 !!! cut featuring not only the improviser supreme but also one of the greatest players to ever tinkle the Ivories…Earl Hines.

Amazing duet that, to me, sounds almost like a whole orchestra such is the ‘fullness’ of the sound produced. One of his own compositions recorded for OKeh on December 5th 1928 in Chicago and the first to bear just his name, (all previous cuts were either featuring him or with an orchestra), What is impossible for us to comprehend is the impact that these 20’s cuts of his had. Granted there are probably players who came after him that could match his technique and as previously mentioned there were also those from before recording whose names shine bright but NONE of them had the same impact on 20th Century music. Louis blazed the trail for everyone who followed and not just in the field of instrumentals.

Ride on Mr Armstrong and let the Cats here know exactly what your’e talking about…


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