musicology #280

twolegendsclash #3

(Sidney Bechet -Jungle Drums)

Majestic 1938? cut from Brother Bechet whose life experience was about as ‘rich’ as it gets.  A true restless spirit who never stayed in one place too long. Left New Orleans in 1915 to tour with Clarence Williams, then headed for Chicago in 1917 with Joe ‘King’ Oliver and Freddie Keppard. First left America for London in 1919 where he became the first modernist to master the Soprano Sax which he plays on this cut that also features drum legend Zutty Singleton, Ernie Cacares on Baritone, Dave Bowman tinkling the Ivories, Leonard Ware on ELECTRIC guitar and Henry Turner on Bass…

“Bechet to me was the very epitome of jazz… everything he played in his whole life was completely original. I honestly think he was the most unique man to ever be in this music” – Duke Ellington

’nuff said.


2 thoughts on “musicology #280

  1. Thanks for the encouragement the other day. I’ve enjoyed what you’re doing here for some time–especially as relates to jazz and soul (and 12 Angry Men, ‘natch). Keep up the good work.


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