musicology #266

sleighbellsring #14

(James Brown – Santa Claus Is Definately Here To Stay)

Only TWO more, (full), days to go, ONE if, like me, you consider Christmas Eve to be the day of reckoning … hang on to your hats as we slide into the home straight with the next three cuts.

First up is James Brown delivering his and Songwriter/Arranger/all round musicologist..Nat Jones’ 1970 message of Christmas. One of my favourite slices of the Christmas pie..the combination of music, lyrics and production soothe like only sweet music can.

Had to transcribe the lyrics on this one…Quality…

“Aint no use in saying there ain’t no Santa Claus,
’cause Santa Claus is definately here to stay…in the mind,
ain’t no use in saying there ain’t no money in the bank for toys,
’cause it was put up a long time ago for a rainy day,

ain’t no use in saying you don’t love all your brats,
cause I’m, watching you as you hustle tham off to play,
keep the family strong with a little faith, love and hope,
and you can always get along,

ain’t no use, ohhhh now, in crying about spilt milk in the past,
because all the cats had a feast,
aint no use in worrying about who’s doing you wrong,
just leave them there and go away in peace,

ain’t no use in saying what you gonna do and what you ain’t gonna do,
because with your power you doing your best,
so release yourself from all that strain,
and take that money out the bank,
and just give your, give yourself a rest,
take some of that money in the bank and give yourself a play?
cause Santa Claus is definately here to stay,

ain’t no use, ain’t no use, hehehehe, ain’t no use,
ain’t no use in sayin’ “ahh I would like to get rid of them all”,
cause you know you’re only fooling yourself,
so grab one hand on the wheel and the other around your kids,
and go on and laugh yourself to death,

aint no use in saying “I wouldnt, I wouldn’t give a nickel for them all”,
when you know you wouldnt take nuthin’ for either one,
so gone on tell the truth ’cause if you don’t you a lying son of a gun,
’cause you wouldnt take nuthin’ for them all,

aint no use, ohhh now, haha,
you know I probably wont be there this christmas,
but if I do I still want to say merry christmas to you and especially you,

I wanna say merry christmas to all the people who can’t find themself,
lets try to get together live in peace love one another,
and treat each and man like he’s your brother
with a little love, and kindness………


3 thoughts on “musicology #266

  1. Great lyrics, a song after my own heart, when it comes to Christmas thats what makes it special when its done with heart!…his wonderful voice combined with that christmas message brought tears to the eye..(not the first the eye will shed over the festive season I’ll be bound).


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