musicology #264

sleighbellsring #12

(The 5 Keys – It’s Christmas Time)

Ok…it’s not a ‘classic’ I’ll grant you that but Jerry Butler takes some following… so with that in mind, hold this 1951 cut on the Aladdin label from one of the greatest vocal groups to ever grace the M.I.C.

Rudy West singing lead on this one backed up by Maryland Pierce (second tenor), Ripley Ingram (octave tenor), Dickie Smith (baritone/second tenor), Bernie West (bass), and guitarist Joe Jones.


4 thoughts on “musicology #264

  1. A COMMENT IN TWO PARTS (assuming, of course, “A” comment in “two” parts is grammatically possible?).

    Part one… a plea for the inclusion in the list of Christmas musical “crackers” of a song which unfortunately just doesn’t get the airing it really deserves. And also, a request to all musicologists (visitors, listeners, commentators and the Man himself) while doing you’re “Christmas thing”, to spare a thought for all those people who for one reason or another can’t and won’t be home for Christmas.

    To that end and on this day (the 22nd. of December) I’d like to dedicate the words of the song – if not the poignant sound of the song itself – to a very special person…. “Living In The Foreign”.

    As you’ve probably sussed by now the tune is “I’ll Be Home For Christmas (If Only In My Dreams”)

    “I’m dreaming tonight of a place I love
    Even more than I usually do
    And although I know it’s a long road back
    I promise you I’ll be home for Christmas

    I’ll be home for Christmas,
    You can count on me,
    Please have snow and mistletoe,
    And presents under the tree
    Oh Christmas Eve will find me,
    Where the love-lights gleam,
    I’ll be home for Christmas,
    If only in my dreams

    PART TWO?????????????????


    1. good tune know it well…got an especially fine version by ‘The Mighty Sparrow’
      unfortunately It’s just too tight on themusicologist to slip it in to the selection.

      p.s ‘home’ is in the heart.


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