musicology #258

sleighbellsring #6

(Joe Tuner and Pete Johnson – Christmas Date Boogie)

Today’s cut is courtesy of two legends. Boogie Woogie/Stride piano extrordinaire Pete Johnson with long time companion ‘Big’ Joe Turner who together were there to shape what became known as Rock & Roll. Johnson and Big Joe recorded ‘Roll ‘Em Pete’ after being scouted by John Hammond for his ‘Spirituals To Swing concert at Carniege Hall in 1938. Prolific recording artists they also recorded the seminal ‘Rocket 88 Boogie’ in the late 40’s which Ike Turner used as the basis for what is considered to be a watershed slice in the development of Rock & Roll…’Rocket #88′ as well as the original cut of Shake Rattle And Roll.


5 thoughts on “musicology #258

    1. famous concert that went a long way to introducing what was known as ‘race’ music to a new audience. John Hammond was the catalyst.


  1. Did you know that as late as the mid-fifties Mercury Records released their “race music” on a different coloured label….. purple was the colour of Only You by The Platters!!!


  2. Actually, I got that one wrong…. Mercury Records wanted to distribute The Platters monster hit Only You on their “Purple” label but Buck Ram, the songwriter, insisted it be marketed to a “wider public”. Thus, history was made.

    As for Buck Ram…. well, I’ll come back to him with regards to ‘sleighbellsring’ at a later date… ho, ho, ho!!


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