musicology #256

sleighbellsring #4

(Mahalia Jackson – Silent Night)

Sliding straight into this one from ‘The World’s greatest Gospel Singer’, Mahalia Jackson….Much Covered, never surpassed. Possibly the toughest choice to make on the Christmas selection such is the quality of the song and the singers who have thrown their ‘Stille Nacht Hats’ in the ring. Dinah Washington, (on a 78), Jackie Wilson and Jerry Butler all deliver but as I can only throw one……..



2 thoughts on “musicology #256

  1. thanks once again to a musicologist regular for drawing my attention to the fact that I hadn’t posted the tune..I have now !!


  2. this song is soooo beautiful, it IS christmas eve..I can imagine what a difficult task it
    was to pick one from so many artists, the Dinah Washington must be good, Mahalia Jacksons one captures the spiritual nature of this christmas song perfectly I think.


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