musicology #254

sleighbellsring #2

(Fats Waller – Swinging Them Jingle Bells)

One from the king..Thomas Wright Waller. Without doubt one of the most influential musicologists of the 20th Century. The word legend was invented to try and describe in one word cats like ‘Fats’. Virtuoso pianist and supreme songwriter who swung every time he played. Rumour has it that the man played piano for 3 days straight after being kidnapped to play at Al Capone’s birthday party. Leaving the gaff lagging drunk, no doubt as high as a kite and thousands of dollars richer….

If aliens came down from space and wanted to get an idea of what Christmas, (or Jazz), is all about they could do no worse than listen to this cut.

“Swing them Jingles son…”


One thought on “musicology #254

  1. good story…..he has one of the most memorable lines ever in a film I saw once when singing a duet with a sassy female he says in that unmistakable voice of his ‘your just excess baggage’..!


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