musicology #249

birthdaybashsoul&funk #4

(The Equals – Funky Like A Train)

you know what … life is sweet like sugar at the moment and I’m enjoying it to the max. I would even go so far as to say it’s all good. I’ve got my mind right and it’s time for action. Over the past few weeks things and time have been synchronising harmoniously and ‘opportunity’ has been knocking hard on my door.

Iv’e let the kid in, we have sat down and reasoned, allowed our’self’ to let go and moved on, together, to face the dawning of the new day…where the sun is shining.

Today’s cut is courtesy of another London based group, The Equals, whose original members came from as far afield as Jamaica and Guyana but also included two local kids from Holloway and Islington, (hence the name ‘Equals’) . Hooking up in 1965 they tasted success in 1968 with a pop tune ‘Baby Come Back’, (about as far away from today’s cut as could be imagined).

Another BIG tune on the Rare Groove scene that was, for a while, one of the most sought after pieces of the day changing hands for around £50 which was a lot of money 20 odd years ago. themusicologist unearthed a copy of the 7″ in a ‘Junk-Shop’ in London’s ‘salubrious’ New Cross for the princely sum of 10 pence !!! and rinsed it for the next couple of years. Can’t remember if it was ever on a LP and like I said this was LONG before the days of CD’s, Ebay and of course MP3’s so to find a copy was true to the genre’s name, RARE.

Can’t remember exactly but from memory I think that the year of release was 1976 maybe even 1974.


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