musicology #248

birthdaybashsoul&funk #3

(Cymande – The Message)

Today’s slice from the ‘birthdaybash’ pie was one of the ‘Rare Groove’ anthems that NEVER failed to shake London’s floors in the mid 80’s. If themusicologist was compiling a top ten of cuts that were the soundtrack to them days this would definately be one. HEAVY funk from a London based collective of West Indian players who blended all the musical flavours of the day to deliver an almost unique sound.

Apparently discovered rehearsing in a Soho club, (there’s that place again!!), by producer John Schroeder who obviously knew quality when he heard it and signed them immediately. This was their first recording, released on the Janus, (Chess), label in 1972.


Ray King – Vocals/Percussion
Joey Dee – Vocals/Percussion
Steve Scipio – Bass
Sam Kelly – Drums
Derek Gibbs – Soprano/Alto Sax
Pablo Gonsales – Congas
Peter Serreo – Tenor Sax
Mike Rose – Alto/Flute/Bongos
Patrick Patterson – Guitar


One thought on “musicology #248

  1. luckily for me one ‘o the regulars is on the ball…and reminded me that I had yet to actually post the cut in question!!!

    nice one supa8


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