musicology #247

birthdaybashsoul&funk #2

(Bobby Reed – The Time Is Right For Love)

been waiting almost two years to lay this one down on themusicologist and in true musicology style the ‘time’ has come. One of my all time TOP tunes that never fails to touch me DEEP

“Ooooooh baby, here we are alone at last,
together just the two of us, with no one else in sight….


6 thoughts on “musicology #247

  1. “oooohh baby, there’s so much I wanna say,
    but when I try to speak I find my thoughts all slip away
    ooohh baby I don’t think my heart can stand,
    a second more away from you so come on take my hand…”

    poetry….pure poetry. If that was me that penned it I would die a happy man…says it all in four lines.


  2. Powerful words……

    Haven’t been commenting recently… nothing personal… last Tuesday was a “big shit money day”, Wednesday belonged to the dental surgeons knife, Thursday, swollen jawed and black-eyed, I visited a sick friend and business partner of mine at his last worldly resting place – the hospice. Friday was the 1st. anniversary of the death of my mother. Yesterday the surgeon’s stitches were removed, today is my 21st. wedding anniversary and tomorrow’s the 40th. birthday of one of the two “dearest” people to/for me…. thoughtful times… powerful words!


  3. personally..never. themusicologist is a concept, an idea so comments thick or thin are always a bonus and no-one has contributed their thoughts more than yersang.


  4. Is it possible. Is themusicologist breaking out into dance for dance’s sake – and dance’s sake alone? Do I ‘hear’ a bit o’ sunshine forcing its way through the “ball of confusion” in that butterfly mind down your way?

    Hope so!


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