musicology #246

birthdaybashsoul&funk #1

(The Meters – Love Slip Apoun Ya)

little run down of a selection of slices served up by themusicologist on saturday night at our joint birthdaybash down at the 3BlindMice. Played two sets one of which was the ‘rare groove’ which, musically, is anything from the late 60’s up to the closing of the seventies. The Rare Groove scene on the other hand sprung up in London sometime in 1985 when the ‘Boogie’ became mainstream and began to lose it’s edge.

Again, Soho was involved in the scene’s birth, (especially the ‘Wag’) but a bigger part was played by large scale ‘Blues’ parties. (unlicensed gatherings), organised in disused commercial properties, (especially in and around Camden and Kings Cross), where serious money could be, (and was), made charging ‘tenners’ on the door. Many a career was launched from the proceeds of such ‘warehouse parties’ as well as it being a hotbed of creativity style and flair. It went on to play a HUGE part in the development of fashion introducing ‘vintage’ as a lifestyle choice rather than ‘second-hand’ as a matter of neccesity.

Anyone who was there knows it’s global legacy both in fashion and music and the next seven, (count ’em), slices were ALL played, regularly, by anyone who was lucky enough to own them, (in the days before CD’s and EBay of course).

The band responsible for this majestic piece are none other than New Orleans musicologists the Legendary Meters, one of the premier funk outfits of all time. The original line up, (formed in 1965),  of Art Neville, Leo Noncentelli, Joseph Modeliste and George Porter Junior, (joined by Art’s brother Cyril in 1975), were responsible for delivering some of the cream of the genre and are second to none in the funk lexicon.

Taken from their album, Fire On The Bayou, produced by the musical genius Allen Toussaint and recorded at his, (and Marshall Seahorn’s), Sea Saint Studio. For me it doesn’t get funkier than this.


3 thoughts on “musicology #246

  1. Papa four zero!

    Captivating piece of listening. (enough to make the ol’ bones feel as if they still had it!!!)

    Many a belated once again!
    Birthdayboogiebash was just what the doctor ordered, and I came away regenerated having seen/been in the company of all (well, lots anyway) of the faces I hold dearly, and attach so many good times to.
    Want proof?
    I feel/ must be giving off so much positivity the day after the weekend before, some of the irons put pon’ the fire decided to just come good, and I’ve had the best day of many many a recent time, and everything I’ve touched GOLD BABY!
    (coincidence or not?)

    On a different note, I hope the big Sunday with Jo summit didn’t prove to be the doom and gloom you were both foreboding, and her virtue in your damn good self has reawakened and common sense prevails .

    As we said… No matter how they try….
    You can’t keep a good man down!




  2. certainly funky…builds brilliantly and just the
    thing to get the shoulders movin! sounds like a good night.


  3. Reggie Stepper

    what a pleasure to share your company…so glad to hear that your ‘luck’ changed. that’s all it is brotherman negative and positive is nothing more than a mind-set/perception.

    follow the gold….brother Midas, follow the gold.
    love and blessings


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