musicology #242

soul&boogie #3

(Change – Paradise)

For themusicologist one of the many benefits of listening to and learning from the ‘boogie’ is the genre’s optimism. At the time, (certainly in England), the outlook was BLEAK. Margaret Thatcher, (and crew), had torn the heart out of the country and begun to establish their ideology on the nation.

Free Market, ‘Entrepenurial’, State backed Capitalism where the individual was more important than the collective. I’m not about to go ‘into one’ on the political philosophy of the times all I will say is that as an 11 year old in 1979 just about to start secondary school it certainly had a huge impact on me. Greed became the order of the day which in my opinion had a negative impact on society at large. The boogie on the other hand had a positive effect bringing people together ‘under a groove’.

The group in today’s spotlight were formed in 1979, (in Bologna), by Italian producers Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi and with their first album ‘The Glow Of Love’ enjoyed instant success. Obviously Luther Vandross as lead singer played a part but more than that the group had ‘style’ and so even after Luther’s one album contribution they managed to evolve and continue to deliver.

The importance of ‘Boogie’ to the development of what became known as ‘House’ is unquestionable and this cut from their second album, (Miracles), is a 5 minute slice of Boogie, with a capital B.
Tight drums, pucker bass line, excellent production and the perfect vocal from Diva Gray as the cherry on the cake.


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