musicology #241

soul&boogie #2

(Kleeer – Intimate Connection)

day two of the ‘soul&boogie’ and already dropping bombs…anyone who was there throwing shapes knows that this cut tore it up anytime it was played and still sounds as fresh as it did more almost 25, (Count ‘Em), years ago.

The cats in question, (Paul Crutchfield, Richard Lee, Norman Durham and Woody Cunningham), started out in the early 70’s but it wasn’t really until they hooked up with producers Patrick Adams and Greg Carmichael around 1976, (as the Universal Robot Band), that things really began to take off.

3 years later they changed their name to Kleeer and begun to record, (for me), some of the best boogie of the period, one of which has already graced themusicologist, (musicology #10). This one though from 1984 is the cream of the crop. produced by Eumir Deodato, engineered and mixed down by Mallory Earl for Atlantic, has to be one of my most cherished pieces of the ‘black stuff’.



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