musicology #240

soul&boogie #1

(Light Of The World – London Town)

inspired by last weeks mod selection I would like to take this opportunity to explore in chronological order the music of the various scenes I have had the pleasure of being involved in over the years.

mod revival was the first, (1977 – 1981), and this one, (1981 – 1984), known over here as ‘Jazz Funk’ musically and ‘Casual’ fashion wise saw me into the crucial teenage years.  For me the two are connected, especially in attitude. Jazz Funk/Casual was yet another working class movement that sprung out of a desire to be ‘modern’ and create something in tune with the times. This selection is a soundtrack to those years. ALL big tunes on the scene.

First up has to be this one from UK outfit ‘Light Of The World‘ with the essential 12inch ‘London Town’ on the Ensign label, (produced by Augie Johnson). Proof if needed that we certainly have the talent on this side of the pond to produce genre defining cuts of the highest order.


2 thoughts on “musicology #240

  1. I found this track wonderfully uplifting to listen to…..I’ve lived worked and danced in London Town all my life and I still get a sense of pride when I walk them streets, so it was great to hear a song in praise of my home town!


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