musicology #234

inmodwetrust #1

(Walter Jackson – That’s What Mama Say)

new theme on themusicologist and one that is very much a part of my musical education due to the fact that both my mum and dad were first generation mod/ernists, (1962-1966). the cuts laid down this week were all played in and around London during the above period.

first up is a piece from one of the premier ‘mod’ labels, operating out of ‘Chi’, OKeh. A label that was one of the first to focus on ‘immigrant’ music in the 1920’s recording many of the early Jazz pioneers such as Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, Sidney Bechet and Mamie Smith. After some time spent lost in the musical wilderness the company’s fortunes were reignited by employing Carl Davis in 1962 as head of A&R who had the vision to employ Curtis Mayfield as associate producer in 1963 as well as three of the best arrangers Johnny Pate, Riley Hampton and Gerald Sims who is quoted to have said

“the Chicago sound came from basically one source…Curtis Mayfield”

This one from 1963 is sung by one of themusicologist’s favourite singers, Walter Jackson. Produced by the aforementioned Carl Davis, arranged by Riley Hampton and songwriten by none other than Curtis Mayfield with, (possibly), the Impressions harmonising.


6 thoughts on “musicology #234

  1. Interesting title to start with….. do you know that there was a whole raft of “Mama” songs around that time?

    I ain’t too sure of the chronological order but they were all good e.g. “Mama Said” by The Shirelles.


  2. Mama Said – The Shirelles, (1960)

    Mama Didn’t Lie – The Fascinations, (Curtis Mayfield)
    Mama Didn’t Lie – Jan Bradley, (Curtis Mayfield)
    That’s What Mama Said – Walter Jackson, (1964)

    as well as many songs featuring mama’s advice on the subject of Love.


  3. And then or shortly thereafter(?) came the musical responses…. the mother-in-law songs… ahhhh, great times!!


  4. Oh dear. Even so…. what an example… what a one-off!! I can hear that deep bass voice growling those lines right now.

    “songs featuring mama’s advice on the subject of love”…. sounds like the basis of a good theme to me.


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