musicology #230

communication #8

(Dennis Brown – It’s Too Late)

Artist, producer and one of Jamaica’s most loved sons, Dennis Emmanuel Brown first recorded at the tender age of 11 for Derrick ‘One Stop’ Harriott but it was at Coxsone Dodd’s Studio 1 that he made his name starting with a cover of the Van Dykes cut, ‘No Man Is An Island’ in 1969. The man had a prolific career that stretched right up until his untimely death in 1999 at the age of 42.

This one written by Carol King is, for themusicologist, a great example of what a cover version should attempt to do, namely bring something new and fresh to a song. Something which Jamaica’s musicologists seem to have perfected….Recorded for Joe Gibbs sometime in the 80’s.


3 thoughts on “musicology #230

  1. Agreed, this cover version works; and works big-time! In fact, and quoting one of my favorite people here… it’s “stinging”.

    Not only does it bring something new and fresh, it also makes the (this) listener so, so, poignantly aware of those soulful lyrics….

    Carol King’s version off her Tapestry LP (I think?) is a song I’d often turn to in those all too familiar – but thankfully rare – times of heartache and distress.

    P.S. had to fiddle about with the musicbox to listen to it though??


  2. good tune!…I for one prefer it to the Carol King version, which I’ve always found a wee bit cheesy…this however captures the sentiment with a bit more ‘swing’ to it.


  3. countess.
    “cheesy”….. lovely description.

    not that I agree with the sentiment though…. chuckle, chuckle!!!


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