musicology #226

communication #4

(Alton Ellis – Breaking Up)

today’s slice of the communication pie is a 1968 cut credited to Tommy McCook and the Supersonics, (The Treasure Isle musical backbone), with no mention of the singer anywhere on the label. It is, of course, delivered in finest style by the unmistakeable voice of the Godfather of ‘Rock Steady’, Alton Nehemiah Ellis who, as some of you know, passed away this month.

Probably better known for his Studio1 version, this is the one he cut for Arthur ‘Duke’ Reid’s, (The Trojan), musical powerhouse, Treasure Isle. Released on an early, (Orange label), Trojan 45. . such a top ranking early reggae classic that it’s ‘easy’ to pass over due to it’s familiarity but there’s a chance that some of you may not have heard it and more than that the message cuts especially deep for themusicologist at this time so it had to be flung down.

Alton, come in brother man and let the people know what you’re talking about.

“when you turn and you walk through the door…(ahhh ahhh)”


One thought on “musicology #226

  1. you know what..for me the Treasure Isle version has the edge over the Studio 1 and being predominantly a Coxsone soldier, (same way that it’s adidas over Nike), that’s saying something. The Duke displayed a smoother, polished sound in the same way that Motown was distinct from OKeh or even Chess.
    wicked slice..


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