musicology #221

tribute to alton #1

(Alton Ellis – I’ll Be Waiting)

regular vistors to themusicologist may recall a section flung down entitled sixartistsixweeksixtune. one of the artists featured was Alton Ellis (#90-95) who passed through this existence on Friday October 9th.

like to take this ‘opportunity’ to lay down a few more slices of the man’s legacy. starting with this one recorded for downbeat’s legendary Studio 1.  Alton Ellis..Rest In Peace.

‘JAH’ one more for you x


2 thoughts on “musicology #221

  1. one of my favorite voices of Reggae, he leaves a wonderful living legacy in his music for which
    I’m very grateful.


  2. Just listened to the Man singing a a live five and a half minute version of his 1967(?) hit “I’m Still In Love With You”….. Absolutely fantastic… Up there in my personal top 10…. perhaps even No.1 when it comes to songs of the heart.

    P.S. And now Levi Stubbs has passed on. R.I.P……. Not that many left now!


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