musicology #215

12AngryMen #11 (alternativesoundtrack #3)

(John Lee Hooker – Little Wheel)

not long to go now as the ‘guiltys’ fall like dominoes. each piece of evidence is being scutinized and eventually found to be unworthy.

the music is courtesy of  Bluesman supreme, the pioneering John Lee Hooker whose first recording, (Boogie Chillen’) was in 1948. This one, from 1957,  is one from his days spent at Vivian Carter and James Bracken’s Vee Jay Label.


2 thoughts on “musicology #215

  1. in this piece of dialogue a powerful plea is made for taking their responsibility in dispensing justice seriously as more of the jurers realise that they hold this young mans life in their hands, a lesson for the whole of society in more ways than one…
    I’m a big fan of John Lee Hooker so thanks for that!


  2. “Not long to go now”
    the best laid plans of mice and men are apt to go astray.
    a month later and the 12 angry is still not over !!

    that’ll teach me !!


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