musicology #212

12AngryMen #8 (alternativesoundtrack #3)

(Sherman Booker & The Blue Notes – Cool Daddy’s Blues)

back to round 8 of the ‘alternative’ and brother Henry is on a roll. The Guilty’s are falling like dominoes as the ‘Socratic method’ employed by our man continues to work it’s magic.

Philosophy is such an important part of our lives that it’s shocking how little is taught in our schools. Unless we count the almost complete domination of the Greek School of thought which is taught ideologically to young children in an effort to set them up as ‘citizens of the future’ rather than introduced as a tool to help them aquire ‘knowledge’. For me Philosophy is all about asking, (and answering), questions and coming to your own conclusions which obviously doesn’t fit in with current politrickal ideas of mass control. With that in mind and before I get too far into the saddle of my high horse I’ll get back to the music.

today’s cut of the ’57 pie is a piece of ‘blues’ from an almost unknown outfit, Sherman Booker & The Blue Notes, about whom I know absolutely nothing, other than they recorded this one in 1957 for L.A’s Combo Label.


2 thoughts on “musicology #212

  1. once again our man refuses to accept things
    at face value…by constantly suggesting things
    maybe different than they first seem he gives the other jurers the oppotunity to look beyond the superficial and start questioning the so called facts…and one by one they take him up on that..
    just listening to this piece of music makes me feel like a ‘cool cat’!


  2. seems like not that much has changed since the days of Socrates. ‘Man’ is still not free to truly speak his mind without fear of reproach..MacCarthyism proved that.

    the politics of fear baby…


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