musicology #206

12AngryMen #3 (alternativesoundtrack #3)

(Sun Ra & His Arkestra – El Viktor)

what strikes me is how much quality dialogue is in this film and thinking about it that’s probably what drew me in when I first saw it. I enjoy language and words very much and crave dialogue and communication. themusicologist provides and delivers a great opportunity for me to connect using the universal language that speaks to us all, (if we listen), and is a manifestation of this desire to communicate.

back to the ’12 Angry’ selection…the dialogue paints it’s own picture and introduces the Henry Fonda character in Socriatic style.

the music is courtesy of Maverick Pianist Sun Ra, (and Arkestra), a cosmic cat of the highest order whose life seems as rich a tapestry as could be woven. Born around 1914, he grew up with Jazz and played the piano/organ/keyboard consistently for his whole life, (recording over a thousand songs). His first recording in 1946 was as Pianist for Rhythm & Blues legend Wynonie Harris. I’m not going to lay out his life story as it’s well documented so I’ll just leave it to Ra and Arkestra to ‘speak’.


2 thoughts on “musicology #206

  1. commenting purposely late here… assumption being most visitors to a site/blog don’t check out back posts and comments…. hope I’m right?

    Anyway, back to the comment. Like you, I enjoy language and words. In fact, “enjoy” is an understatement: personally, I NEED language, my language, the English language… and I need it like a junkie needs his/her daily fix (words, the building bricks of language, automatically included). Odd though, dialogue and communication ain’t up there with language and words as an enjoyment for me….. more a task to be honest. Perhaps that’s a side-effect of living/working in a different language and culture.

    And that’s the point I’m making (or better said, propounding). Living in a different dimension plays tricks with perceptions



  2. Whoops…. went off half-cocked there. I hit the submit button by mistake. My ‘umble conclusion i.e. I blame it (that poxy word “it” again) all on the “living in the foreign” can and will now wait till time allows. Mind you, it (my conclusion.. arggggg) ain’t such a bad theory if you stop to think about it!!


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