musicology #203

teachings of billionaire YenTzu #13

(Billie Holiday – They Can’t Take That Away From Me)

end of the teachings…beginning of the journey.


‘Three weeks on the road and all that greets me are smouldering ashes,’ sighed the Merchant-Sage, Ni.

‘What was it that you expected,’ said a voice behind him. ‘With all the provinces in such chaos! where have you been?’

Turning round the merchant saw a young man in a bedraggled state, his face stained with blackened smoke and blood. Getting down from his horse Ni said. ‘I had hoped that I would arrive before the Emperor Ch’in’s outrages had reached this outpost. But, I see that I am too late. Has all been lost?’

‘If you are a former graduate of this Academy, as I suspect you are,’ said the man, ‘you would be wise to take care. For they are imprisoning all who are followers of the ways of the ancients.’

‘My ancestor, the renowned Merchant Ni, was the grand-nephew of the founding Patriarch, Yen Tzu. Our house is loyal to the philosophy he and his followers taught. And you…,’ Ni once more surveyed the man before him, ‘….what part have you played to be in such a sorry state?’

‘I, too, came here for a similar purpose, but alas I was also too late. My name is Lu, of the House of Chou, whose founding father was also a pupil of Yen Tzu. My young heart and legs were sent by my Uncle in an attempt to rescue what parchments I could. But all was already aflame when I arrived this morning. It must have burned all night. I have fallen many times and scorched myself in my frantic search, but to no avail.’

The two paused in silence as they surveyed the ruins around them. As they did so, their eyes rested on the main gate keystone that now stood alone, unaccompanied by it’s former walls. The charred words were still clear to see.

‘So, not all is lost,’ said Lu.

‘Indeed, none of it can ever be lost,’ added Ni, as together they read the stone’s inscription.

Wisdom comes from one great Sage,
A true source for every age.
Mind, the door, Heart, the key,
Spirit guide, the path to be.
Listen within, Trust to feel,
Illusions vanish, Truth is real.


6 thoughts on “musicology #203

  1. You got me there tooo!! Hope I ain’t gonna fret and frown over this one the way I did over the “time expands to fill itself” one.


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