musicology #200

teachings of billionaire YenTzu #10

(The Swallows – I Only Have Eyes For You)

Holding The Carp, (cultivating your superconscious)

A traveller who had recently entered a foreign province was accosted suddenly by another traveller who told him in a frightened voice, ‘We have wasted our time in this direction, for behind those dark clouds is a vast mountain which will block our way.’

The first traveller felt strangely calm, a calmness that he had not fully experienced before. A while ago he would have acted with great concern, but this time he felt no artificial sense of impending doom. Surprised at the report, though, he thanked the frightened traveller and continued on his journey to see whether it was true or not.

He came apoun no mountain, but he did meet another stranger who reported gloomily,

‘It is hopeless to continue your journey. Just beyond that medow is a precipitous canyon that even the nimblest of goats are unable to cross.’

Once more experiencing a sense of inner calm, the traveller decided to see for himself and went on his way leaving the stranger dissaprovingly shaking his head. There was no canyon at all on the path he took, but he did run into a third stranger in a military uniform, who sternly commanded,

‘Stop! You are forbidden to go any further in this direction. This path leads straight into the camp of an army that will punish your attempts to contine.’

Not frightened by the threat the traveller walked past the fuming stranger. He met with no camp and there were no soldiers to block his path. Travelling on his way he encountered a fourth traveller. But this person seemed no stranger, indeed the man felt as if he was entering the prescence of a long lost friend. As he approached, the other traveller extended his arms in welcome, saying, ‘Because you decided to take no-one’s word for anything, but to test everything on yourself, my wait has been brief.’

‘But, tell me,’ asked the traveller, ‘who are you, although I feel sure I know you. Have we met before?’

‘Of course,’ came the answer, ‘I am your faithful guide for life. What you have risked confirmed your faith in me so I am able to become fully present. Come, let us continue, there is no insurmountable obstacle ahead and so much to share with you.


3 thoughts on “musicology #200

  1. the original doo wop cut of the song made famous in 1959 by the Flamingos…dedicated to one of the three, (there’s that number again!), loves of my life.. another time, another place..x


  2. a gentler version of a song that I’ve heard throughout my life…the lesson seems a gentle one too, have faith.


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