musicology #198

teachings of billionaire YenTzu #8

(Otis Redding – I’ve Been Loving You Too Long To Stop Now)

Fighting The Rat, (harnessing conscience power)

‘Yao Kou, you promised last week that you would be here on time.’ Tan Lee said to his partner. ‘Yet, you let me down again.’

‘How so?’ the astonished partner replied. ‘Me, late? Well, I may not always be punctual, but I am never late! Anyway, it is not my fault. I had every intention of getting up earlier this morning but, upon awaking, I noticed it was raining so I decided to wait awhile before leaving, as the market road would probably be awash. As it turned out it wasn’t, so I am able to be here now as I said I would be, though I can’t remember promising.’

‘It is said that if you find it difficult to be sincere with yourself,’ Tan Lee returned, ‘it is not possible to be sincere with others.’

‘Your trouble is that you always speak in riddles,’ replied Yao Kou. ‘What has sincerity got to do with it? It is simply that sometimes I find that the ‘I’ that declares that it will rise early in the morning is different from the ‘I’ that exists in the morning, who refuses to co-operate. Having so many different parts of him must be why a man, for instance, finds it so hard to keep something secret. First one ‘I’ makes a promise, believing that he wants to keep the secret. Then, tomorrow another ‘I’ in him prompts him to tell his friend over a bottle of rice wine. With a different ‘I’ in command, a clever person may question a man in such a way that he himself is unaware of what he is saying.’

‘You’re not trying to say that you have revealed what we discussed together last week are you?’ enquired Tan Lee. ‘We agreed that would remain between ourselves only for the moment.’

‘I met with the trader Fu’li, we drank and I couldnt help it. But I can’t say I’m sorry because it has been worth it. Fu’li raised doubts which I believe we should seriously consider. Anyway, it’s hardly my fault. You should have made it clearer or at least given me all the facts.’

‘I could not have made it clearer,’ said Tan Lee. ‘Yet, listening to you reminds me of the teachings of that great sage who visited us from the west:

“If one of thine ‘I’s’ offends thee, pluck it out.” For without unity in your thinking you will continue to justify your own actions through blaming other people or things. It is clear that my “I” met with your wrong “I” last week, so, all of me tells me I must depart…Goodbye’


7 thoughts on “musicology #198

  1. Hello Musicologist! I can’t listen to this tune, somehow the list on the right goes up to nr. 195….but it’s such a coincidence you put this tune here. My cousin was a famous Dutch singer who loved Otis Redding and he recorded this tune, my cousin has passed away 4 yrs ago and I’ve only found out he did this tune a few weeks ago! And I LOVED it! So I was quite chuffed to see the original here! Shame I couldn’t here it though…but a great tune!! Take care xxx


  2. back in themusicologist saddle after a week or so’s technological lay off as well as taking some time to gather my thoughts and feelings. been listening to a LOT of music during these testing times and have concluded that considering the significence and importance of this phase/metamorphosis/new horizon, (take your pick), I’m just going to keep the music coming from the heart..painful as it may sound there is also Joy in there and MOST importantly undying LOVE.

    Twenty years is a long time to spend with someone and I value and cherish almost all of it. The good times have far outweighed the bad for me and I hope that when the dust settles there is something left beyond mere civility. I will always love the ‘girl of my dreams’..and living without her will be as hard as any challenge I have faced, (and there’s been many), so if she ever gets around to reading this I want her to know that I Love her as much as I could ever love anyone. x


  3. monique,

    have you tried changing the menu ‘view’ on the audio box to ‘List’ rather than the default, ‘Icon’. that should solve it…if that doesn’t make sense click on the Navigate Audio page which has more in depth directions.

    thanks for the support.


  4. moni… I’ve got the same problem…. in laymans terms, what themusicologist is saying is… click the icon marked “menu” on the top right hand courner of the music box then click “view list” then scroll all the way down to the bottom for #198. Click there but have a handkerchief at the ready ‘cos you’re about to listen to one of the most poignant love songs ever sung by a man to/for his woman.
    P.S. Is it possible to hear your cousins version?


  5. its always better to love, it makes
    us kinder and stronger people….I enjoyed the
    lesson, I could certainly do with learning to unify my I’s!


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