musicology #191

teachings of billionaire YenTzu #1

(Third World – Now That We Found Love)

new theme built around the teachings of legendary taoist Yen Tzu who, legend tells, founded a famous academy somewhere in the mountains of an Eastern Province in ancient China around two and a half thousand years ago which led him to become China’s first commercial billionaire. not that this is about money, rather self mastery through individual inner understanding which, for themusicologist is the only ‘way’ to navigate a course through life’s most dangerous waters.

this the first ‘lesson’ taught is known as ‘Taming The Bull‘ (harmonising communication)

‘Toeless Wong was crippled for allowing Duke Ling’s prize bull to run amok in the kilns,’ said Ho Chi, in answer to his fellow disciples question. ‘Indeed it is said that he lost a toe for every one of the ten Imperial vases that were smashed.’

‘In truth it was through having his feet stamped on by the mighty bull while he bravely fought to recapture it’, said their patriach, Yen Tzu, upon overhearing their discourse.

‘By my ancestors,’ exclaimed Ho Chi, ‘what courage!’

‘Indeed yes,’ said Yen Tzu, ‘but fighting yang with yang is not the way to communicate and overcome.’

‘It is said that yin and yang connect all,’ said Ho Chi, ‘but please explain how, in the context of such a difficult situation.’

‘the mutual seeking of yin and yang depends on opening and closing.’ Began Yen Tzu. ‘Opening and closing are the natural principles that influence the rise and fall in all of heaven and earth’s ten thousand things, including man and beast. Yin and yang should always be harmonious. for the opposite of one, redresses the balances of the other.

‘When the bull was in yang mode, so was toeless Wong. Rather than adapting yin mode, he fought charge with charge. He pitted his agression against the bulls. When yang is hard and agressive, only the yielding softness of yin can calm it. As a seasoned keeper, Wong knew full well how to calm the bull. But seeing the crashing commotion before him he forgot, and was as a fool rushing in. In doing so he was no different to the bull.

‘Yin and yang modes can be taught to be switched on or off according to what is needed. Yin or yang must be used as appropriate to tame that part within all of us which can be likened to a charging bull, and to soften the raging bull within others who appear to be attacking us. ‘Men’ do not mirror themselves in running water; they can only see themselves in still water. Only what is still, can calm to stillness others.

Always remember that it is important to know when to speak and when to remain silent. When you want to hear others’ voices, return to silence; when you want to be expansive, be withdrawn; when you want to rise, lower yourself; when you want to take, give; and when you want to overcome, give way.’


3 thoughts on “musicology #191

  1. I’ll be, honest I didn’t read all this!

    But I did listen to the track: classic. period.

    Seems faster than i remember it, will have to dig my copy out now.


  2. darcy,
    for me listening has always provided the best path to learning. music connects and communicates. the Yen Tzu is just something I have treasured since first reading and as with the music wanted to share.

    I did have a 12″ bootleg remix back in the early house days and would have thrown that but couldnt find it. also the two third world albums of the period (Journey To Addis and 96 In The Shade), featured heavily in my younger days. I was around 10 years old at the time and this was one of the tunes that ‘spoke’. this is the album cut by the way.


  3. Third World was a group that from the first time
    of hearing I loved, and this track is a perfect example of why….in fact it sounds even better
    than I remembered it….and those wonderful lyrics!


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