musicology #188

nowordsjustmusic #4

(Jimmy Riley – Woman’s Gotta Have It)

after silence that which comes closest to expressing the inexpressible is music


11 thoughts on “musicology #188

  1. a song that has featured heavily in themusicologist’s life from child to man..originally from Bobby Womacks original early 70’s cut through, (and beyond), ‘discovering’ this one in the late 80’s.

    the fact that it’s crafted by the majestic vocals of Jimmy Riley and is an early cut out of Lee Perry’s famed Black Ark, (late ’73 early ’74), are testiment to it’s outstanding credentials but the weight of the cut and it’s meaning as a warning were, I must confess, lost on me before today.

    oh yeah…if I reach the pearly gates and there’s any of you still around, make sure this one is played the day I’m laid to rest.

    now the tune makes perfect sense.
    with love


  2. Sorry to get to the party so late brothers and sisters!
    To crash in with can of strong ale in my paw, and be so stilled by the mighty Jimmy R …As you say musicologist – we have bin warned! Perfectly and beautifully warned…


  3. Brothers, sisters – and children… yes, be warned… But don’t be put off. Imagine life without it!!!

    Back to the music….. like the two sides to every story; the double-edged sword, or the flip-side of an old but well worn piece of vinyl…. the counterpoint/counterpoise message-wise to this piece of musical majesty is to be heard on the same recording by the same master on the same all time classic album i.e. “That’s The Way I Feel About Ya” by Bobby Womack from the “I Can Understand It” album… A masterpiece.

    I know, I’m not saying anything new or revealing… that’s not my game… my game is an attempt at balance; at harmony; the other point of view; the other cheek, the grass is greener, etc., etc., etc.


  4. Life without what?

    ‘That’s The Way’…also featured on themusicologist, (#145), top ranking tune.


  5. musicology #10… serious words of wisdom from yer man there…. needed a dose of musicology #11… a belter… a spirited piece of music


  6. You laid this down on July the 10th. Your opening comment two days later…. I joined the discussion August 1st. and my comment on the 9th., was a plea/invitation to listen to a piece of inspiring music; no message, just music…..

    what is it they say about time healing?


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