musicology #182

soulsearching #4

(Little Roy – Hard Fighter)

today’s 1971 slice of the soulsearching pie comes from the island of Jamaica. first heard by themusicologist in the early 80’s courtesty of one of the corner stones of my musical education, Uncle Johnny. uplifting selection and one of the tunes that opened my ears to the sweet sounds of JA.

original 45 on the UK Punch Label. produced by Lloyd ‘Matador’ Daley


5 thoughts on “musicology #182

  1. simply one of the best songs ever; nothing fussy or fancy in it, and the organ works just right, always feel better after singing along to it, I suppose its a bit like a rebel song?


  2. Wow! I wish I had an Uncle Johnny to school me. I love that song. Thank you so much for giving me something new to digest musically. Very very nice.

    Does Little Roy have an LPs that I need to check out?


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