soulsearching #3

(Joe Quarterman & Free Soul – I Got So Much Trouble In My Mind Pt1)

‘rare groove’ funk screamer heard, played and thrown shapes to by themusicologist for more than twenty years. always been one of my personal favourites. being blessed/cursed with a troubled mind this is one of them cuts that often plays in the jukebox of my thoughts in times like these.

a 1972 New York release on the GSF label produced by Bill Tate, Cotter Wells and Cory Pearson.


6 thoughts on “musicology#181

  1. this is definately a ‘dance’ number even if the world’s troubles are on one’s shoulders; I was moving to it not necessarily in an orderly fashion !


  2. I remember this song too well! Hadn’t heard it in a while. Thanks for sharing it.

    It was really good to hear it again and hearing it just reminds me that someday really soon I am gonna have to get my vinyl digitized. I know I am missing a lot more “oldies but goodies” that “The Man” hasn’t yet seen fit to release on CD for us Boomers.

    Hope you are having a great holiday weekend.
    I am having a blast blog surfing 😉



  3. “give me the strength to carry on,
    ’cause everything I had is just about gone..”

    says it all for me.

    no holidays for us over here i’m afraid but glad to hear you are enjoying yours.


  4. Wow, what a super site! Its my first time here. Bookmarked! Please join us at my private mp3 blog. Mainly jazz and funk. Email myrarevinyl at gmail for an invite.


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