musicology #177

alternativesoundtrack2..Quadrophenia #9

(Marvin Gaye – Baby Don’t You Do It)

the film is nearing it’s conclusion and after the ‘tear up’ outside the cafe in the previous scene this penultimate one finds Jimmy trying to make it up with Steph, (or at least make some sense of it all)

the musicology is courtesy of mod favourite and Soul legend brother Marvin Gaye with one of the mod was actually featured in the film so it’s not alternative but it fits the bill so well that it couldn’t be ignored. BIG tune on the scene….the Small Faces often played it on the curcuit and also recorded it in the early days, (1965?), in tribute to their authenticity, (the only real mod band in my humble opinion), but nothing could touch the Marvin and themusicologist never tires of hearing the man sing, (the Marvelettes are singing back up on this one)


3 thoughts on “musicology #177

  1. why oh why did Jim hanker after the unfeeling Steph when Monkey adored him and was much more fun…Marvin Gaye AND The Marveletts what a treat!


  2. Baby Don’t You Do It…..
    Laysdown, a tiny coastal village on the Kent Coast where south London’s cream traditionally owned or rented a caravan for the summer. One summer Bank holiday WE arrived and took over… Mods on scooters, Mods in cars/vans, Mods on foot, Mods arriving by train at the Sheerness train station (halt) and bunking a lift on the scooter squadrons ferrying back and forth the few miles to Laysdown… Mods everywhere!!!
    Dusk. The lights coming on along the one-horse promenade. A tiny amusement arcade with bumper-cars and such-like… small-time attractions for small-minded, easily satisfied kids….. or so they thought!!
    The sound system booming out the likes of Frankie Laine, Lonnie Donnigen, Aker Bilke etc…… Someone of us pulled out a stack of singles. En Masse we took over the D.J.’s job…. First song out of the traps…. Baby Don’t You Do It, Don’t Do It, Don’t You Break My Heart…. second up… Land Of a 1000 Dances…. As I said WE’D arrived.


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